Gordon Murray

  • Division: County Civil
  • Section: CL 01
  • Court Location: Joseph Caleb Center Court
  • Address: 5400 N.W. 22nd AVE Miami, FL 33142
  • Phone: (305) 636-2260
  • Room: JCC 260
  • Judicial Assistant: Silva, Claudia

County Judge: County Civil Division

Back up Division Judge

Judge Christina Marie DiRaimondo

*Please do not contact back up judge, unless it an emergency matter*

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Motion Calendar

Type: Open

Notice Before Hearing: 7 Business Days

Files at Hearing: None

Tuesday9:00 AM206/11/19 
Wednesday9:00 AM206/12/19 


- Prior to calling Judge's chambers, all motions MUST be e-Filed through E-Portal (not e-courtesy), and must be reflected on the docket, before requesting a hearing date.

- If there is opposing counsel on case, please call in with other party on the line.

- Once scheduled, your notice of hearing must be submitted via E-PORTAL and a copy must be faxed to Judge's chambers at 305-636-2269. 

Note: If unable to agree upon a date with opposing counsel, you may reach our chambers to add your motion on calendar. So long as opposing counsel is given a 7 business day notice.
- If you need to set more than one motion per case per hearing date, you must request a special set hearing timeslot.
- Motions for Summary Judgment or Final Judgment must be set on our special set calendar.

Notices of cancellations: shall be faxed to chambers at (305) 636-2269 prior to the scheduled hearing or trial. Counsel shall also call the Judicial Assistant at (305) 636-2260 to confirm the cancellation notice was received.