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Judicial Section Details

Jacqueline Woodward

  • Division: County Civil
  • Section: CG 04
  • Court Location: Coral Gables Branch Court
  • Address: 3100 Ponce de Leon Blvd. Coral Gables, FL 33134
  • Phone: (305) 569-2543
  • Room: CGC 1-7
  • Judicial Assistant: Casola, Carolyn



Please email both the JA & Bailiff any questions or concerns:
Judicial Assistant email: Carolyn Casola: ccasola@jud11.flcourts.org
Bailiff email: Dave Mahabir: dmahabir@jud11.flcourts.org 

Court hearings
This court is conducting some hearings in person and some hearings will be held virtually.  Your notice should tell you if your hearing is in person or in virtual court room on the Zoom platform. 

If you have a Registered Zoom Account:  Use meeting ID 932 6490 9339.
If you are unable to connect – (1) First call chambers 305-569-2543 and let the court know you are having trouble connecting.

Then you may dial in to Zoom by using the Dial in: 1-786-635-1003 and enter meeting ID 932 6490 9339 and listen and follow the prompts.

Hearings conducted via Zoom. ZOOM ID 932 6490 9339


10 minute Special Sets 


Case Management

Calendar Call 


The following hearings will be conducted in person (All Hearings Scheduled after Feb 5 2024):

* 30 minute special sets 

* Small Claims Pre Trial Conferences

* Evidentiary Hearings (other than attorney's fees)

* Trials (Both Jury and Non-Jury)


** MSJs are not to be set on 10min Special Set slots. To set MSJs please call chambers and the JA or Bailiff will set you on a specific Case Management hearing and dates will be given during that hearing. **


Pre-trial conferences are held in person.  Attendance is Mandatory unless excused by the court PRIOR to the hearing.

Failure to appear by the defendant will result in a default being entered and Failure to appear by the plaintiff will result in the case being dismissed. 
If you are unable to attend, immediately file a request for a continuance. This must be in writing and filed with the court. Attorneys must file a motion for continuance and a proposed order through CourtMap. Motions to continue must be filed a minimum of 5 business days before the pre-trial. If you do not receive a new date within 2 days of your request, please call chambers 305-569-2543.
Attorneys requesting for a waiver of pre-trial, must file an appropriate Motion and submit an Agreed Orders via courtMAP.


 do not submit orders waiving small claims pretrial conferences or invoking the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure as that has been done by Administrative Order 21-10 A1 (which amends AO21-10). This applies to all insurance cases where all defendants are insurance companies. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: personal injury protection benefits cases, bodily injury cases, automobile windshield cases, and property insurance cases including assignment of benefits.

FWOP Calendars
     If you have received a lack of prosecution notice and hearing. You may file a motion/notice of good cause and a proposed order through CourtMap for a quicker response.  If there is good cause, the Court will enter the order of good cause and cancel the hearing. 
     In addition, the Court will review the cases a few days before the hearing to enter the appropriate good cause orders, which would cancel the hearing. 
     However, if the court does not enter an order, then the case is set for mandatory hearing.   You must attend the hearing in order to argue for good cause for the case to remain open.  Failure to appear at the FWOP hearing, will result in the case being dismissed for lack of prosecution. 


     All ex-parte motions to compel (including both discovery and attorney fee order compliance) MUST COMPLY WITH Administrative Order 06-09 ( Ex-Parte Motions to Compel Discovery), including the requirement of waiting seven (7) days.

If you need an interpreter, you must call the judge’s chambers as soon as possible. Si necesita un intérprete, tiene que llamar a la oficina de la jueza lo mas pronto possible.

Uniform Case Reporting as required by the Florida Supreme Court has now been implemented.  Submit ALL orders in compliance with Administrative Order 22-02
When submitting a proposed order, before beginning the body of the order please insert the following THREE items.

Title of Motion 
Date Motion filed 
Index # or E-Filing # 

Therefore, orders will be rejected unless the corresponding motion is docketed by the Clerk (default final judgments, motions for final judgment in garnishments, etc.) or unless the time-stamped filed documents are submitted via courtMAP.

If you are a self-represented litigant you may wish to view the following: Videos to Assist Litigants Representing Themselves in Court
Check the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Web Page for all administrative orders, circuit / courthouse updates, official forms, and other information. The Court strongly recommends that all parties sign up for the Florida Courts e-Portal. You can also sign up for Text Alerts for hearing notifications and access courtMAP

  • Proposed Orders
  • Agreed Orders
  • Special Sets
  • Emergency Motions
  • Motion Calendar
  • Notices for Trial
Hearing Documents 
Attorney Fees ProtocolView
Preliminary Order Attorneys feesView

Please file ALL proposed Orders via courtMAP under Proposed Orders, do not email or mail to chambers. 

All Orders must match to an e-filed and/or docketed Motion or Pleading.  Administrative Order 22-02 requires that BEFORE the body of the proposed order, three items must be clearly displayed: the title of the motion that was filed, the date the motion was filed and the docket index number (or the e-filing number if not yet docketed).

Failure to comply with Admin 22-02 will result in the Proposed Order being REJECTED.

Both parties’ information must be entered into the Service List on Court Maps. 
Instructions on how to add a person on the service list are available on video tutorial

https://www.jud11.flcourts.org/Programs-and-Services/Online-Services/courtMAP/courtMAP-Video-Tutorials or on YouTube

** Please note Documents attached as “supporting documents” DO NOT get e-filed by the Clerk. You must submit the documents/pleadings/motions/stipulations/settlement agreements/substitutions SEPARATELY through the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal.


Attorney's fees - See attached protocol 

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