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Probate Smart Forms

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All documents posted below in PDF format must be filed with the court in PDF format.

Form Title PDF Word
A1 - Depository Acceptance Asset Receipt open  
A2 - Depository Acceptance Asset Receipt (with investment powers) open  
A3 - Depository with Investment Powers Order   open
A4 - Petition for Depository with Investment Powers open  
A5 - Order Designating Restricted Depository (no investment powers)   open
A7 - Brokerage Depository Acceptance Asset Receipt open  
A8 - Depository Acceptance Certification (Receipt of Assets Forthcoming) open  
A9 - Depository Receipt of Assets open  
A10 - Order Waiving Depository Requirements for Social Security Benefits   open
Form Title PDF Word
C3 - Order Appointing Curator   open
C4 - Letters of Curatorship   open
Form Title PDF Word
CUB1 - Depository's Receipt of Assets Under Federal Regulations open  
CUB2 - Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem, Attorney Ad Litem and Administrator Ad Litem   open
CUB3 - Affidavit of open  
Form Title PDF Word
E1 - Order Admitting Will to Probate (Summary Administration: Self-proved or Oath of Attesting Witness)   open
E2 - Order Admitting Will to Probate and Appointing Personal Representative(s) (Single/Multiple: Self-proved or Oath of Attesting Witness)   open
E3 - Order Appointing Personal Representative (Intestate – Single/Multiple Personal Representative(s))   open
E3-A - Order Appointing Personal Representative(s) - Intestate-Bond   open
E3-B - Order Admitting Will & Appointing Personal Representative – Bond   open
E4 - Letters of Administration (Single/Multiple Personal Representative(s))   open
E4-A - Letters of Administration - Bond   open
E5 - Order Designating Restricted Depository for Assets   open
E6 - Order to Open Safe Deposit Box   open
E7 – Affidavit of Heirs open  
E8 - Order of Discharge   open
E9 - Ancillary Letters of Administration   open
E10 - Order Appointing Personal Representative of Nonresident   open
E11 - Order Admitting Will of Nonresident to Probate and Appointing Personal Representative   open
Estate Inventory open  
Form Title PDF Word
G1 - Order Appointing Plenary Guardian of Person and Property (Incapacitated Person - No Known Advance Directive)   open
G2 - Letters of Plenary Guardianship of the Person and Property   open
G3 - Letters of Guardianship of the Property of Minor   open
G4 - Letters of Guardianship of the Person of Minor   open
G5 - Order Designating Depository for Assets   open
G6 - Order Appointing Guardian (or Co-Guardians) of Property of Minor   open
G7 -Letters of Plenary Guardianship (or Co-Guardianship) of the Property   open
G9 - Petition for Emergency Temporary Guardian open  
G10 - Order Appointing Emergency Temporary Guardian   open
G11 - Letters of Emergency Temporary Guardianship   open
G12 - Letters of Limited Guardianship (Person & Prop, no advanced directive)   open
G13 - Order Appointing Limited Guardian of Person & Property   open
G15 - Order Discharging Guardian   open
G16 - Order Appointing Guardian of Person of the Minor   open
Initial Guardianship Inventory open  
Initial Guardianship Plan open  
Annual Memorandum To The Clerk of the Court open  
Simplified Annual Guardianship Accounting open  
Annual Accounting (Guardianship and Trust) open  
Annual Guardianship Plan open  
Annual Guardianship Physician's Report open  
Application for Appointment as Guardian open  
Professional Guardianship Checklist - Additional Appointments open  
Form Title PDF Word
Protective Injunction Petition   open
Final Injunction Order   open
Temporary Ex Parte Injunction Order   open
Form Title PDF Word
WD1 - Order Appointing Personal Representative (Wrongful Death with Surviving Minors)   open
WD2 - Letters of Administration (Wrongful Death with Surviving Minors)   open
WD3 - Order Appointing Personal Representative (Wrongful Death)   open
WD4 - Letters of Administration (Wrongful Death)   open
Form Title PDF Word
Z1 - Atty Fee Put Something Back Petition open  
Z2 - Put Something Back Order   open
Z3 - Petition to Pay Guardian open  
Z4 - Order Paying Guardian   open
Z5 - Petition to Pay Attorney Fee and Expenses open  
Z5a - Waiver of Notice and Consent to Petition for Order Authorizing Payment of Attorney's Fees and Expenses open  
Z6 - Order Paying Attorney Fees   open
Form Title PDF Word
Notice of Related Probate Cases open  
O1 - Contempt and Sentencing Order   open
O2 - Order of Referral to Mediation   open
O3 - Order Setting Cause for Non-Jury Trial and Pretrial Instructions   open
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